Presidential Campaign 2016: Know Where the Candidates Stand on Immigration – Marco Rubio

Contributed by Morgan Brockman – Southwestern High School Class of 2017

As the campaign to elect the next President of the United States heats up, we at Immigration in Plain English thought it apropos to showcase just where each candidate stands on immigration. By now most candidates have established their platform, with most candidates placing immigration as one of the foremost issues to address. And for good reason. It has been almost 20 years since the issue has been meaningfully addressed. In that time, much has changed. 9/11 and terrorism. The internet and technology. And the list goes on. For that reason, we bring you “Know Where the Candidates Stand on Immigration.” Ahead of the next debates, read where each candidate would take our country should she or he be elected to the oval office.

The Republicans: Marco Rubio

Official Portrait

“Sanctuary cities” are local governments — towns, cities, and counties — that prevent or discourage their law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. In hundreds of such jurisdictions across the country, illegal immigrants who commit crimes can often be released, free to endanger their communities again, without federal authorities ever having the chance to remove them from the country.

Fortunately, the federal government can do something about it. Marco is fighting for legislation to end sanctuary cities that will:

  • Cut sanctuary cities off from certain federal grant programs, including law-enforcement and community-development grants
  • Allocate those funds to local governments that do allow their law enforcement to work with federal immigration authorities
  • Mandate that DHS publicly list which cities and towns are sanctuary jurisdictions and the number of federal law enforcement requests have been ignored by each
  • Make clear that local law enforcement has the right to cooperate with federal law enforcement, while also making it clear that this does not reduce individuals’ constitutional protections
  • Increase the penalties for illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after removal, and impose mandatory minimums for those who return after being convicted of an aggravated felony or being deported two or more times

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