Presidential Campaign 2016: Know Where the Candidates Stand on Immigration – Chris Christie

Contributed by Morgan Brockman – Southwestern High School Class of 2017

As the campaign to elect the next President of the United States heats up, we at Immigration in Plain English thought it apropos to showcase just where each candidate stands on immigration. By now most candidates have established their platform, with most candidates placing immigration as one of the foremost issues to address. And for good reason. It has been almost 20 years since the issue has been meaningfully addressed. In that time, much has changed. 9/11 and terrorism. The internet and technology. And the list goes on. For that reason, we bring you “Know Where the Candidates Stand on Immigration.” Ahead of the next debates, read where each candidate would take our country should she or he be elected to the oval office.

The Republicans: Chris Christie


Securing The Border

Governor Christie has called for securing the border with Mexico through:

  • A border wall where appropriate, specifically in urbanized areas
  • An increase in manpower, specifically embedding FBI, DEA and ATF agents with our border patrol to interdict guns and drugs being smuggled into the country
  • Advanced technology such as the use of drones and electronic surveillance to increase efficiency

Universal Workplace Enforcement

Most who enter the country illegally come here to work. Employers should not be exploiting cheap illegal labor and should be held accountable when they do. Every employer in the country should be using e-verify to check the work status of employees.

  • Fines for hiring illegal workers should be double the profit a business has made from that worker. This will remove the incentive to hire illegal workers.

Keep Track Of Those Who Are Overstaying Their Visas

Around 40% of the illegal immigrants currently in the U.S. came into the country legally and simply overstayed their visas. We should be utilizing existing biometric technology to keep track of those who enter the country on a visa, so that that they can be returned home once their visas are expired.

Eliminate Funding For Sanctuary Cities

As president, Governor Christie will enforce all the laws as president, not just some. He will block federal funding for sanctuary cities who are choosing to ignore the law.

Block President Obama’s Illegal Executive Amnesty

Governor Christie joined the legal fight against President Obama’s Executive Amnesty, signing onto an amicus brief that successfully urged the Appeals Court to uphold the injunction.

  • Governor Christie condemned President Obama’s Executive Actions and failure to secure border that have “allowed people to believe that they could come here under any circumstances not under the law and be able to stay here.”

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