Top Five Most Important Changes of New Visa Bulletin

  • Individuals who are stuck in the employment-based immigrant visa backlogs can start their visa paperwork or apply for adjustment of status before their priority date becomes current and an immigrant visa becomes immediately available;
  • There are two important dates listed on the monthly Visa Bulletin: the “Filing Date,” which determines when individuals can submit their permanent residence applications, and the “Final Action” date, which determines when the Department of State or USCIS can make a decision on the applications.
  • Individuals stuck in the employment-based backlogs will have greater flexibility and job mobility because they will no longer be tied to the employer who filed for the I-140 Petition for Alien Worker;
  • The new system will provide the Department of State and USCIS with better data for determining overall visa demand, which should allow the State Department to make better Visa Bulletin predictions regarding future backlog movement;
  • The employment-based categories most impacted by the October Visa Bulletin are:
    • EB-2 India: Final Action Date = 5/1/05; Filing Date = 7/1/11
    • EB-3 Philippines: Final Action Date = 1/1/07; Filing Date = 1/1/15
    • EB-2 China: Final Action Date = 1/1/12; Filing Date = 5/1/14
    • EB-3 China: Final Action Date = 10/15/11; Filing Date = 10/1/13

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