Changes to Immigration in Plain English

You may have noticed that we have been away on a brief hiatus in the last few weeks. Well, the Immigration in Plain English grew by one on August 26! We assure you readers, we will get back on track with consistent posting in the near future.

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Progress Through Partnership

We have developed partnerships for the convenience of our readers. First, we have partnered with a great organization, LHP Engineering Solutions, which sponsors employment-based visas and green cards for highly-skilled individuals who work in the engineering services sector. For more information about positions available, click on the LHP Engineering Solutions logo on the home page or here. We have also partnered with their training division, LHPU Training Solutions, which delivers hands-on embedded control systems courses for diesel and gasoline engines to students looking for practical training to secure a job in the automotive engineering sector. For more information about upcoming course, click on the LHPU Training Solutions logo on the home page or here. Finally, we have partnered with GILS Management Group as resources for individuals looking to secure permanent residence in the United States through investment. Residency by Design allows an individual to control his or her own destiny in becoming a green card holder in the United States through the EB-5 investor visa program. For more information about Residency by Design, contact our partner directly by at

New Resources and Features

We have also made some changes to our home page for the convenience of our readers. On the Sidebar, you can now directly link to USCIS processing times reports, which provide the timeframe by which each petition is processed based on the particular office where the form was filed. This is updated by USCIS to reflect the expected wait time an applicant can expect after filing a petition before receiving a determination on the case. Also on the Sidebar, you can directly link to the Department of State Visa Bulletin priority Date Checker. This tool was recently developed to help individuals in the priority date line know when he or she is eligible to file the adjustment of status application for a green card. To access these tools, simply click on the appropriate logo. We will continue to add helpful tools to assist you in tracking and researching your immigration case.


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