One Giant Leap for EB-2 India!

In the March 2015 Visa Bulletin, EB-2 India advanced at an astonishing rate – 16 months! This is the largest advancement in EB priority dates in some time for Indian nationals. The good news is that it is predicted to continue advancing through FY 2015, though not at such a breakneck pace. According to Charles Oppenheim, the Department of State’s Chief of Visa Control and Reporting Division, adjudication efforts will focus on EB-2 India in the following months to ensure that time-sensitive materials do not expire should resources for EB processing shift to accommodate the executive actions announced by President Obama in November of 2014. As a result of such dramatic movement for EB-2 India, it is expected that a significant number of EB-3 India applicants will file an upgrade petition for EB-2. If this occurs, EB-2 India will come to a halt and my even retrogress. It is too early to tell if EB-2 Indian category will oversubscribed. So EB India should be interesting to watch unfold in 2015.


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