Linking STEM-based Employers to STEM Professionals

Due to the high demand for technical professionals, competition between companies is fierce. It is currently estimated that jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions increase at a rate three times faster than professions in other U.S. industries. The number of U.S. students majoring in these fields, however, is not sufficient to match this exponential growth. Thus, it is projected that the American-born workforce will fall short of demand by more than 200,000 employees as early as 2018.

As this trend manifests, U.S. employers will increasing rely on U.S. immigration options as their only alternative to meet this demand. It is essential, therefore, that Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform to cure the long backlogs in visa and permanent resident processing. It is also imperative for U.S. employers to become increasingly more innovative in their recruitment of foreign nationals. Immigration in Plain English provides one such method. U.S. employers may contact us to link their recruitment sites to this targeted audience of STEM professionals, the readers of our blog.


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